How to Be the Envy of Your Neighborhood This Holiday Season

Most homeowners gracefully decorate their homes during the holidays with beautiful lighting that creates aesthetically appealing visuals to celebrate the season and stand among neighboring houses. Although it can be tempting to add as many lights as possible for a unique look that is the brightest on the block, it can appear messy without looking tasteful and attractive for clean decor. With some of the latest Christmas lights designs with advanced technology, it can be easy to stand out and offer elegant and unique designs that draw in plenty of viewers.

Hanging Spheres

Christmas light spheres are bold in design, coming in different styles and colors for fun decorations that add extra detail to any home and are easy to mix and match. Mini starlight spheres work to create a magical look that uses LED lights, making it easy to use various spheres for different color patterns, as well as offer an incredible addition to sturdy tree branches. The spheres are easy to hang and can flicker with at different speeds. The product is also available for indoor use.

LED Icicle Snowfall Lights

LED icicle lights first appeared in the market just a few years ago and are still a popular display to this day. They work to create the stunning visual effect of making it appear as if real icicles are melting off of roofs.

This style can easily be displayed on porches for a realistic affect that is beautifully complimented with nearby holly and even oversized wreaths.

Different speeds are available for the melting icicle effect, making it easy to pair it with music or other surrounding lights that are flickering at the same pace on the home.

LED Icicle Snowfall Lights are both lovely and delicate, adding a whimsical touch to any home and fun for enjoy, even when hung from tree branches in the yard.

Lit Arches

For homes that want to appear welcoming and include larger decorations, festive arches are available to install on pathways that are adorned with holly and even have delicate lights strung throughout the decor. It can make it fun for guests to walk up to the front door, and will even appear magical with over-sized ornaments hung throughout the archway for a dimensional effect.

Animated Lights Set to Music

The most popular homes in town are commonly known as the ones that set their Christmas lights to music that ranges from holiday classics to the most recent Billboard hits. Certain areas of the yard will become illuminated with the beat of the music for a theatrical and fun performance that will easily attract those walking or driving by and cause them to enjoy the display.

Christmas lights can also be synchronized to tunes on the radio, with a lit sign in the yard asking drivers to tune their car radios to a particular station that will be paired with the lighting display of the residence.

Many of the lights can change colors during the song, and even become animated for a performance that can attract hundreds of guests each day. The light show can be displayed on a certain part of the home, or even across the whole house as it will be controlled by a channel, otherwise known as a unit of lights.

For beginners, using 32 to 60 channels is recommended. Any more than that (as shown in video above) should have a ton of experience (and help) to go “all out” with more advanced shows containing fancy animation and synchronization.

A control system can also be purchased, which will need to be hooked up to a computer. Software is also available to assist in programming the lights, between D-lights or animated lights.

Tree Trunk Lighting

A popular way to furnish the yard during the Christmas season is by using lights that elegantly cover half of the trunks of trees in the yard. This is an easy way to decorate trees that often stand bare and can appear dim in the yard, creating plenty of dimension and beauty for more detail. Cool white colors and even pink shades, are available for colors that stand out, which can create different patterns in the yard with the use of several trees. These modern LED lights work to stay completely lit throughout the strands, even if one light bulb flickers out.

3D Visuals

Many people enjoy creating stunning visuals with string lights to create imagery that reflects breathtaking snowflakes or even a picture of Santa Clause. These visuals look best on roofs that provide expansive backdrops for the display, as well as on a spacious lawn.

The visuals can also depict beautiful patterns on the roof, which can essentially be seen down the street or even in the sky for a unique look that will look both classy and sophisticated in design.

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