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Create a Magical Experience this Holiday Season

Create a stunning animated display synchronized to holiday music that will captivate your friends, family, and neighbors where they’ll be talking about it all season long. 

With DFW Lights, you are working with some of the most experienced animated holiday lighting installers in Texas whose focus is to help you amaze and delight your community.

Synchronized Music and Lights

Show off your holiday spirit and sync Christmas music along with your festive holiday lighting display. Want to really make an impression? 

Add a dynamic and immersive dimension to your home or business. Whether you decide on a a classic holiday tune or a custom soundtrack, you can create a memorable and synchronized experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Customize Your One-of-a-Kind Display

Stand out from the crowd and don’t settle for “cookie cutter” displays sold at big box stores. We offer fully customizable lighting displays tailored to your specific theme, preferences, and vision. 

Whether you’re aiming for a traditional holiday look or something entirely original, DFW Lights can bring your ideas to life with precision and creativity, making your project stand out.

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Efficient Installation and Maintenance

Handling a large outdoor lighting project can be complex and time-consuming. DFW Lights not only excels in creative design but also provides efficient installation and hassle-free maintenance services. 

Our team of holiday lighting professionals ensures that your animated lighting installation is installed correctly, and offer ongoing support to address any issues promptly.

Serving Homes, Cities & Businesses to Promote Community Engagement

Animated lighting installations create a unique form of community engagement and entertainment for neighborhoods, downtown gatherings, and retail spaces. These festive displays draw visitors from the local area and beyond, fostering a sense of togetherness and holiday spirit. 

Your project can become a beloved tradition and a source of pride for your community, enhancing its reputation and potentially driving economic benefits.

Why Choose DFW Lights for Animated Holiday Lighting Installation?

  • Fast, free on-site consultation / estimate 
  • Pro installation and decoration by experienced and insured animated lighting professionals
  • LED lights & supplies included!
  • Removal of all holiday lighting in January
  • On-site support 7 days a week (48 hour turnaround)

Your project will be managed by one of the top creative animated lighting engineers in Texas (Mr. Fabio Araujo, see his work above). 

All consultations are in-person, and free of charge (within a 40 mile radius of DFW metroplex). Fabio offers the perfect blend of expertise, synchronized music and lights, customization, efficient services, and community engagement for outdoor holiday lighting projects of all sizes for homes, municipalities and businesses. 

With DFW Lights, your animated lighting project will be handled professionally and will capture the holiday spirit.

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