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My name is Tory Smith, and I started DFW Lights 2006 after I recognized the need for reliable (and reputable) Christmas light installers right here in North Texas.
You see, Christmas light installation is not a regulated industry.
You don’t need any special training or certification to hang lights. Too often I would hear stories of “Chuck in a truck” offering to hang lights on the cheap… only to find out you could never get a hold of Chuck when the lights fell off the roof. Oh, and when it was time to have them removed in January, Chuck had left town.
I wanted to offer homeowners (and property managers) a commitment to hang lights professionally, be treated with respect, and be responsive. In other words, foster an environment where our installers and decorators abide by the Golden Rule (treat those around you the way you want to be treated) when it comes to the holiday lighting industry.

17 years later, I am proud to announce we have some of the best decorators in the business (our gracious customers who’ve left us numerous 5 star reviews can vouch for this), plus we offer the best response time in the holiday lighting business where if something goes wrong with your lights or display, our decorators will arrive within 48 business hours to fix it (at our expense).

We admit we are not the “low cost leader” in the holiday lighting industry, but we do offer friendly, fast service by qualified and insured decorators who offer fair prices, and will be there for you all season long if something goes awry.
Contact us for a free, no-obligation estimate.
Wishing you and your family a safe and memorable holiday season!

Tory Smith
DFW Lights
(and a part-time “wannabe rock star” for 80s cover band, 80s Gadgets and country cover band, 90 PROOF Country).

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