Frequenly Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How much does holiday light installation cost?
Pricing can vary depending on the linear footage/total area and number of strands that are installed. Prices start at $750 and include complete installation, lighting and material (extension cords, timerspower strips, etc.), as well as removal in January.
2. How much does an on-site estimate cost?
Estimates are always free.
3. How much does tree wrapping cost?
The pricing can vary depending on the size of tree and if branches are also wrapped. Please request a free estimate to get exact pricing.
4. How many strands does it take to decorate a tree?
The number of strands varies depending on the size and desired visual effect.
5. Are there electrical requirements?
Sometimes. A large number of strands (for incandescent lights) would require a dedicated circuit. Neither DFW Lights nor its contractors will be held responsible for inadequate, faulty, or overloaded electrical sources at the place of service. You may be required to provide electrical connection from inside the house or hire an electrician to ensure minimal electrical requirements.
6. How much advance notice do I need to schedule an installation?
Due to the high demand for Christmas lighting, we recommend estimate appointments be made at least a week in advance to ensure availability and scheduling.
7. When can my holiday decorations be installed?
Holiday decorating begins as early as September and continues until the third week in December. Removals begin on January 2 thru January 15.
8. What is the maximum height the lights can be installed?
For homes, the maximum height is 30 feet. For commercial jobs, the maximum will vary, please contact us to learn more.
9. Do my lights stay on all day?
The option of an outdoor timer is available – the use of an outdoor timer is recommended and can significantly cut down on energy costs.
10. What if a strand goes out?
Contact us immediately. We make every effort for a lighting specialist to repair or replace the damaged lights within 24-48 hours, free of charge
NOTE: If it is raining/snowing, or precipitation is in the forecast, turn off and unplug all your lights. Leaving lights on during precipitation will cause the lights to short circuit and go out.
11. Who provides the lights and decorations?
The Christmas light installation company that was referred to you will be responsible for providing all lights, decorations and equipment which will all be included in the quote. Your Christmas lights installation company will ensure optimal performance and safety of all installed lights and decorations (ask your installer about storage bins for year-round storage).
12. What if I have my own lights?
Most incandescent (nonLED) Christmas lights last a maximum of 2 to 3 years. The seasonal lighting company referred to you by DFW Lights is instructed to use brand new high grade lights to ensure optimal performance of your lights throughout the holiday season. This alleviates issues such as strand burn out often encountered with pre-owned lights.

If you own LED lights, these can last 5+ years and lighting specialists can typically work with you on providing the necessary labor to ensure a smooth installation, but that will depend on the service professional’sĀ assessment.

13. Do you rent the lights?
While there is not much of a cost savings, it is sometimes feasible to rent the lights so you don’t have to store them when not in use. Talk directly with your lighting specialist about the option of renting lights versus buying.
14. Can DFW Lights hang commercial holiday lights and decor (shopping plazas, apartments, malls, etc.)?
Yes! DFW Lights can connect you with the commercial lighting company that has the skills and equipment and insurance necessary to do large installations.
15. Will install lights outside the Dallas / Fort Worth metroplex?
At this time, DFW Lights lighting companies offer services within a 30 mile radius of the DFW metroplex. If needing Christmas light installation in Houston area, please visit our sister company,
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